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10:50 p.m. - 2003-01-21
I hate DSL
ARGHHH!! So today is the first time since last week that I get to update. And why? Because my fucked up DSL has been out since last week!! I have been on hold with tech support now for, let me look...for over an hour. And I can't believe that this crap is actually working. You would think that since I work for Verizon, I would get some kind of special treatment. Ok, well I get DSL for like 20 bux, which is very good...but still you know?? Damn I'm pissed. Then on top of that, the fucker known as AOL is trying to charge me for free months that I have. I'm on hold with them to get rid of this shit once and for all. A word of advice to anyone who reads this....DON'T EVER GET AOL AS YOUR ISP!!!

Alrite, enough venting. So my week has been sooo slow and boring. At work anyways. I have missed having internet. It's amazing how much you miss it when it's not around. It was like I was totally twitching. OOO..someone is actually on ICQ!! For once....I wish the Globe would bring back the chat room. I miss everyone from there. You can't even find a decent chat anywhere anymore. But maybe that just means that I have no business OH well....anyways..I'm off to ICQ.


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