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6:25 p.m. - 2003-01-27
Terrible Day
Alrite soooo....I started my diet on Saturday!! YAY ME!! Ok, I'm lying. I started on Sunday. I went to the first meeting on Saturday but I decided I need one last, satisfying meal. So Robby and I went to Red Lobster. Oh my shrimp never tasted so GOOD. Anyways, so Sunday was really my first day, and it wasn't so bad. Luckily, I have Robby's support with this because everyone else in my family makes this hell for me. Today, for instance, my mother picks me up from work and tells me that she and the kids are eating Wienerschnitzel for dinner. And for those of you who haven't tried it, they have the best damn chili cheese fries and dogs and burgers EVER!!! Anyways, well it pissed me off because in the first place, I was starving and if anything can make me get off my diet it's that food. SO THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT MOTHER!!! I cried, and locked myself in my room. Oh yeah, sure it's not the mature way to deal with things but that's my way of dealing with this for the time being...SO THERE!!! I almost died when I smelled the food!! ARGHHH!! Anyways, I'm going to go and lie down now and read. Maybe that way I won't think about what they are eating. I even got mad at my son and told him that if he didn't eat his food, he was punished!! Of course, my mom had a cow and said that was wrong...but dammit.....that is the food I want more than ANYTHING right now. And for him to not eat it and throw it away?!?!?!? NOT IN MY HOUSE!!! Well, I think I've said my peace...for now.....

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