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10:40 p.m. - 2003-02-10
Lord, help me, I hate Monday's. Well, not really the evening but just waking up in the morning. And I guess it doesn't help that I was totally late this morning for work. My daughter decided to be a terror today and just as we were leaving, she decided to throw a fit because she wanted to take her backpack to daycare. She rolled around on the ground, across the living room and messed up her hair. Now, I had to be at work by 7:30 and by this time it was 7:20. We didn't leave the house until 7:30. So I actually stayed at work until 5 to make up my time. Luckily for me, I have a trainer that doesn't really give a damn about what we do. Katy is so cool....

So if anyone out there is reading this, you MUST know that I am SICK obsessed with reality shows. And my favorite right now is JOE MILLIONAIRE. I mean, how sick is it that this guy, who happens to make less in a year that I do, is lying to these gold digging ho's that he's a millionaire?? They have these trick asses vying to be THE one he chooses..and at the end of the show, he confesses about who he really is and how much he really is worth!! Granted, this is no CHEATERS, but I cannot stop watching! I was so pissed off after tonights episode because I thought this was going to be the one where he picks the one chick and tells her who he really is. OF COURSE, to my dismay, it ended before he did!! I WAS SOOOO MAD!!! I started screaming at the TV and my hubby came in and said, "NOW ISN'T THAT A PRETTY FUCKED UP THING TO DO...MAIKING YOU WAIT LIKE THAT!!" Dude, it totally was....Now I have to wait another week to find out what the hell happens!! GOD I HATE WAITING...but not as much as I hate Mondays!!!!


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