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11:13 p.m. - 2003-02-11
Damn, I can't believe I'm up this late! Although my silly poo girl D would tell me right now, "sleeping is for babies.." Speak for yourself, poo head!!

Tonight me and my son went to the annual Mommy Son date night. We had fun. We went out to eat, then to the dance. I'm a bit surprized that he doesn't like to dance. I KNOW he doesn't get that from me! When I was younger, I was all about going to dances back home. Mexico was fun to go dancing to as well, but you always had to be careful. A lot of nasty wet backs try to take you home!!! EW!! One of my favorite memories I have is going with D and dancing with Ian that night. We had a blast, although I can't remember who all went with us to Mexico that night. Ian was a good kid even though he had is problems like everyone else did. I guess I'll just never understand why he did what he did...only God knows why. Um, but anyways, before I start crying again....

I think I had a little too much to drink at dinner...I'm starting to get all weepy here....ugh. I need to get my tired ass to bed...

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