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11:01 p.m. - 2003-02-12
My big fat...
So this is gonna be a short blog. I'm watching the cutest movie! I think everyone should go and see MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING!! It's the funniest thing because I can somewhat relate to this girl in the movie. I used to think it was a hispanic thing, but I guess it's worldwide. I remember growing up, my Dad used to tell me I needed to marry a nice, hispanic man. Well, guess what...I HATE HISPANIC GUYS!! They are such jackasses!! They treat their women like slaves or something!! Anyways, so I married my precious white boy! Well, it was so funny when he met my parents and my family. He was amazed at how big my family was...and of course, they were loud. Thank God that my dad didn't just want me to get married and be a baby factory....because man, I can barely handle my two kids that I have right now!!! : )

Anyways.....I'm gonna go to bed and finish the rest of this movie. Hopefully my next entry will be more exciting!

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