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12:59 a.m. - 2003-02-16
Happy (belated) Valentines Day!
Alright, so I'm a few days late. But who cares?!?! Soooo...Valentine's Day was cool. But I guess I'm totally over getting stuff that I don't really care anymore. Every year my hubby would get me a dozen roses. And he has such good taste. Well, this year, things were different. I had already told him not to get me anything, pretty much because paying $80 for a dozen roses is ridiculous. I mean, I can use that money myself! Sooo..I decided to get my precious some stuff instead. First I got him a nugget and diamond ring. It was on sale, and he's been wanting one for a while. I also got him a cookie bouquet. I had it delivered to his job so he was totally suprized. He was so happy! Then he felt bad because he thinks that he has to get me something. I keep telling him NO because we really REALLY cannot afford it right now. But he insists. Men...they can be sooo difficult sometimes! : )

I got my silly poo girl D a V-day card...and I haven't mailed it. E! I hope she's not reading this blog. D, if you are reading this I PROMISE IT WILL BE IN THE MAIL MONDAY!!!

Well, I'm off to bed to watch Frailty. I hope it's scary because I love watching scary movies late at night!!! YAY!!

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