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12:37 a.m. - 2003-02-23
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THE TWILIGHT ZONE!! AHHHH!! Dude, so I'm watching the "new" Twilight Zone and it's freaky as HELL! The first mini epi was about this man that lived with his mother and daughter in a small town. Well, if anyone in town did something to piss him off, he had the power to make then spontaneously combust!! Then his little girl wigged out, too! She had the power to make things disappear! So, the town pissed her off because they were thinking bad thoughts, so they ALL disappeared! On this one freaky part, I SWORE I heard someone knocking on the door. Poor Robby, he was already asleep and I woke him up to go and check. Of course, I made him take the gun! HA! Well, he came back and said I was crazy and to stop watching stuff that scares me. *AHEM* I wasn't scared...I was....CONCERNED there was someone at the door!!! I need to stop watching this freaky stuff before I go to bed. I was watching Dracula 2000 last night like at 2AM and I ended up dreaming that vampires were after me. Sheesh..I could've AT LEAST dreamt about making out with COREY HAIM!!!!! *INSIDE JOKE*

Soooo...I found out Justin Timberlake is gonna be in San Antonio June 28!! YAY. Needless to say, my hubby thinks I'm trippin for wanting to see him...but he is one fine white boy!! And I really do like his music. His CD is tight! So I need to make plans with D to go, since she'll be leaving for Iowa in August. I want us to at least be able to go to another concert together before she leaves. D got me a ticket to see Rage Against the Machine back in 1998...or was it 1997? I think it was '97 cuz that's when sperm donor left and she wanted me to go to get away from my drama I had. Anyways...that was such a blast!! Granted, we were almost trampled to death in the mosh pit, but it was SO much FUN! So, D if you read this...IT'S TIME TO START MAKING PLANS!!!

OOO...this show is getting freakier and freakier...I need to get in bed and under the covers!!!!


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