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9:08 p.m. - 2003-02-27
Alrite, WELL, D said she was going to stop reading my diary because I haven't updated in a while. Dude, you are SO wrong for that! Everyone knows why I've been busy!! But, at last I FINISHED my paper!! HAPPY HAPPY!! JOY JOY!! I was all happy! And then I found out that I had MORE homework due tonight! Oh well...I'm already half way done with that, so no worries....

On a sad note, I found out today that Mr Rogers passed away today. And for anyone out there that doesn't know who he was, well what the hell did you watch on TV when you were younger??? Sheesh.......anyways, I was pretty broken up when I read about it. I have such fond memories of watching that on TV when I was a little girl.

Well enough about that. To end, I would like to mention that the song for the day is White Trash Wedding by the Dixie Chicks. And let me mention, that I cannot STAND those three girls! I think they are fat, can't sing worth a damn and their voices are annoying. My friend at work, Bray, INSISTED I listen to this song. And I'm glad I did, because it was the funniest shit I've heard! It reminds me of this girl I work with I like to call TPT...TPT meaning Trailer Park Trash. I can't stand her because she thinks she's all that when only a year ago she lived in a trailer in this ghetto ass trailer park and LIED about where she lived. She always said she lived in a house!!! Well POO ON YOU!! How pathetic can you get....

I'm gonna go eat my food now...


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