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10:56 p.m. - 2003-02-28
Psycho Net Boys!
So I was doing a survey on here (you can read it on my profile page) and there was one question that caught my eye. It asked who was the most whacked out person I chatted with on the net. Well, I've had my share of whacked out chatters on the web. Enough to last me a lifetime, that's for sure. I answered the questions by describing this wierdo that was married...well it's a long story. Then D read my survey...and she said, "You should have answered the question by telling him about our New Years incident..." Dude, I had totally forgotten about that!! That just goes to show you how traumatic it was, not only for me, but for all involved. SOOO...I figure I would post a short account of that....dreadful day....

I had already made plans to spend New Years in Austin with D. I let the chatter, whom we'll call DB, know where I was planning on spending new years. Well, that morning, while I was getting ready to leave, I get a phone call. The fucker was calling from the Austin airport! The psycho flew from GA, WITHOUT TELLING ME!!! I should have known it was a bad sign. Well, he had to wait like 8 hours before I picked him up. D was not pleased that a complete stranger was in HER town and was going to stay at her crib. We should've just left his ass at the airport. the time I got into town AND picked his ass up, he was completely wasted because he spent his time drinking at the bar at the airport.

Cut to the evening.....

A bunch of us go to Paradox, it was crowded, psycho boy was no where to be found most of the night....then...IT happened. He was so drunk, he was out of control. He and another peson who was hanging out with us, decided to pick a fight with the bartender. So what does that mean?? We ALLLL got thrown out of the club. So we start walking to the car. The drunk bastard was so drunk, he was mad and yelling like a fool. Then he PUSHED this other girl with us out of the way, which caused her to fall face first on the concrete and chip a tooth. Then he storms back to the club and starts banging on the glass windows. Well, that just shows you how brainless he is because the paddy wagon was right there...then it was like an episode of COPS!! The police hog tied him and threw him in the wagon!!! the time, we were all freaked and pissed that this guy ruined our night. At least now we can all laugh about it!!!! Well, he was we could not find him. So...I took his bag of shit (which were all his damn clothes, CD, car stereo, checkbook...)and donated the stuff to the needy...LMAO. NEEDY being myself and my friends. I can't remember exactly what I did with the CD's and car stero..I think I sold it at a pawn shop here. But I never saw him again. The funny thing is...he emailed me a few days later saying how me and my friends were fucked up for leaving him in jail...he wanted his he needed his checkbook (I threw that in the trash) blah blah blah. OF COURSE I responded by saying I donated his shit...LOL. He was so mad, he was telling everyone in the chat room what a beeyatch I was. LOL. Then, of course, I told everyone what a psycho he was.......and he never showed up in the chat room again.

So...the moral of the story is....I think meeting internet people can be pretty sick. OK, there have been a few exceptions because I've made some really cool friends online. But you never know if the guy has some sort of deep, rooted psychological issues. You never know, never know!!!!

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