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9:59 p.m. - 2003-03-20
Long Day...
Today was SUCH a long day at work! I've been feeling a bit under the weather SOOO I took some meds. Well I overmedicated JUST a bit and I was bobbing and weaving again! My friend would even be talking to me and I would just nod off. She would be like HELLO WAKE UP GIRL! E! Better her than my boss.

Yesterday our manager told us to be prepared for a heavy workload coming our way. YES! OK I know it seems strange to be excited that we're getting a lot of work, but it's been so slow lately! I've just been doing online courses at work that put me to sleep! *ZZZZZ* So that was the good news. The bad news: the project is only for certain systems, and there are only 3 of us in the group trained in these systems. Guess who is one of the lucky three!? Like I said before, I don't mind having work to do because it keeps me busy. We're talking MAD overtime and I'm all about the benjamins baby! *AHEM* Back to the bad news: so later I found out they are "borrowing" peeps from my old group because they are trained in this certain system. So I walk over there to do some investigative reporting and who do I find out is coming to the group? Yup....WHITE TRASH HO!! NOOOOOO!! So of course, I go and bish to my supe and I let her know that she needs to keep her white trash ass in check OR ELSE! Well ok not in those exact words but she's such a trouble maker and we don't really need that. My friend JB was also not pleased. She is just SUCH a bitch! BLAH! Another one of my friends (who happens to be 8 months pregnant) was crying today because of some really nasty stuff she told her. I told my friend not to even bother with her sorry ass anymore because she's not worth it. It's like a constant cycle with her...she's your bestest friend, then she gets mad at you, doesn't talk to you for like 3 months, then she starts talking to you like if nothing happened. I went through that shit twice with her until I finally realized that she's too immature for me to bother with her sorry lame ass. It reminds me of high school. ICK. Well I think I've wasted enough time on her white trash ass on my precious diary!

My prayers are with our troops overseas. My cousin's husband is over there right now. He was actually supposed to come home at the beginning of the month so when my cousin said he wasn't coming home, I knew someething was up. All I see on the news are anti war protests. Sorry, but I'm all for this war. I know that people talk about the innocent people of Iraq that don't deserve it. Well, um, guess what! They hate Americans anyways! Why should we worry about them when they are taught to hate us so much?!? I was watching MTV and they were interviewing Iraqi children and they asked how they felt about 9/11. They said that we deserved it. That made me ill, especially when I think about how much sleep I lost when that happened. So the way I see it...IF YOU'RE NOT WITH US, YOU'RE AGAINST US.

Song for the day is Show me Your Soul by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They are playing in San Antonio in a couple of months and I want to go SO BAD!!! Now if I could just convince my hubby to go...

Sentimental gentlemen, I'm not afraid to show you where...I am you, you're my best friend show me...your soul...

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