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10:20 p.m. - 2003-03-25
Pfft. You would think I would be doing homework eh? HA! Well actually, I should be doing my final for class that is due tonight sometime before 4am. PFFT on that. Actually, it won't be too bad. It's actually multiple choice and matching. Soooo...I'll do the questions I know the answers to then I'll go back and look up the rest. I'm not worried about my grade. I'll get a B in class, which isn't bad for me at all.

I'm tired. I did a lot tonight. I actually worked out since I didn't go all last week. BAD BEANER NIZZLE!! I wasn't feeling very well last week so I had a good excuse. Er, or so I would like to keep telling myself. I am absolutely determined to lose some wieght this week. I saw this one punk ass bish from back home that I cannot absolutely stand so I want to look better than her. PLUS I have a lot to look foward to! The Justin concert is 3 months and 3 days away so I want to be able to buy something supercute to wear! YAY! Me and my girl are going to have a blast!!

Ok I went from being all happy-like, to being aggrivated. I had all these songs in my head I wanted to download to make another CD (my 100th or and now that I am on here I can't remember what all I wanted to download. DAMMIT! I'll probably remember when it's 2am and I'm fixing to go to sleep! PFFT!

Alrite..a few shout outs before I actually DO my final:

1. YO D, WHAT UP NIZZLE?!?! I'm glad you're feeling better cause you know I was worried about you!! MY PRECIOUS!! WE GOT NO LOVE FOR THOSE FUCKED UP HATERS!! DAMN THE MAN!! CALL ME, FOO!!!

2. LT, I'm glad you're back with the updates!! QUIT BEING SUCH A SLACKER!! MORE UPDATES PLEASE!!

3. YAY to iamsorry! DUDE, YOU GOT A CAR!! You are soooo on your way!!

No song of the day for today. I am too busy trying to figure out what all I want to download. DAMMIT!!

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