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9:21 p.m. - 2003-03-28
I'm drunk....
and right now I'm so in love with you...

I loooove that song! And no, I'm not drunk but I am feeling HELLAAA good! I went and got my nails done, tanned and I totally love my nail lady! I get to do all for FREEEEEE! Free, of course, being my favorite four letter word, besides CASH! YAY! So anyways, so now my nails look good and I looove it! I love tanning because I get all toasty warm! YAY! She's gonna get me some lotion! She being my nail lady, of course. She loves me! YAY! I'll never go to the Chinese folk again to get my nails done.

Hmm...well so tomorrow I go to WW and it's going to suck ass big time. I already had dinner...if you can count 3 wine coolers!! HEHE! Soooo....mmkay. Well, I guess I'm really at a loss for words. Peeps, wish me luck for WW tomorrow...because I am SO going to need it!!

Song of the day, Sexual by Amber I LOVE this song! They used to play it back in '99 when "we be clubbin" in San Antonio with the homies! GOD I was at work and I wanted some vodka sooo bad. YUM!!

You say how much you value my friendship, but I want you addicted to my perfume...

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