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12:17 p.m. - 2003-03-30
Lazy Day
I'm so bored. Another Sunday, and as usual, there is nothing on TV right now. I fell asleep watching The Breakfast Club and I woke up and now they are showing Father of the Bride. PFFT.

OO now I'm watching Metal Mania on VH1 classic!! Yes, I was a total 80's and 90's metal freak. I was big time into the hair bands. I used to love watching Headbangers Ball on MTV back in the day. When I was in 6th grade, my obsession was Motley Crue. I had somehow convinced myself that I was going to marry the lead singer. How sick and twisted was that?!?! HA! I feel so old watching this show. They are showing a KEEL video! DUDE! Talk about ancient!

I'm thinking about changing my template. The place where I got this one shut down! PFFT! I love my template though! So I don't know..I guess I'll just look around and see what I find. I saw a really cool Eminem one. *Ponderz* Who knows what you'll find on here next time you check me out?!?! Um, well it depends on how lazy I feel!! HA!

Laters all!

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