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11:18 p.m. - 2003-03-31
Adventures In Babysitting
LORD where do I even begin with this entry?!?!?! Hmm. Well, I guess it starts with the babysitting. My friend, JB, calls me around 5:30 asking if I can sit with her kids while her and her boyfriend take the new guy out for dinner and drinks. MMkay, I say. Her kids are good kids and not a problem to watch. Besides they LOVE me!! The new guy is a guy that just transferred to the company from PA. He's originally from England so he seemed pretty nice to me. SEEMED being the key word here. Anyways, I get to her house at 7:15. She said they would only be a couple of hours at the latest. I play with the kids for a little while, and they are both asleep by 8:30. Sooo I'm thinking MMKAY I'LL BE HOME IN TIME TO WATCH REAL WORLD/ROAD RULES BATTLE OF THE SEXES AND TO EAT MY MAC AND CHEESE FOR DINNER! YUM!, it didn't exactly work that way. I watch RRBOTS and PUNK'd. Next thing I know, it's 10:00. I'm hungry, cold and frightened. My hubby is burning up my cell, all like WHERE YOU AT..IT'S LATE. Sooo....I call my bestest bud PD and I'm like, dude what do I do. Because I didn't want to call and be all rude, you know? She's never done this sort of thing to me before, so it was really unlike JB to be this late. She hadn't called yet, either. PD pretty much just told me to wait another 15 min, and if I hadn't heard from her, to call and not be rude, just be like BLAH BLAH..IT'S LATE I NEED TO GET get the pic. Well, while I'm on the phone with her, I get a Beep. It's JB. Side note here..the new guy is staying in JB's boyfriend apt while he finds his own place. Now, with that said, JB says that they are at her BF's apt and the door will not open! The key is somehow jammed in the lock! LORD HELP ME BUT I'M STARVING HERE I WANT TO GOOO HOOOOME!! NOOOOO! Well, they finally show up to the house at 10:45. And yes, they were sooo totally drunk! And how do I know this you ask? Because I have partied with these folks and I know that when they are fucked up, they talk your ear off. Well, they talked my ear off, alright. They talked for 15 minutes about how lame the new guy is. Poor guy. Hell, when my friend's BF ordered a chicken fried steak, he had said he had never seen nor eaten one in his life!! WTF!! WHAT IS IT WITH THESE DAMN YANKEES THAT DON'T EAT CHICKEN FRIED STEAK?!?!? HELLO..YOU ARE IN TEXAS...WHERE EVEN THE MEXICAN RESTAURANTS HAVE THEM ON THE MENU!!! He said it looked like "A HEART ATTACK WAITING TO HAPPEN" THREE WORDS...OH...MY....GOD!! Dude, yeah, they are bad for you but they are hella good!!! There are some other things I "saw" and umm...well some things I can't really say on here. UGH!! FINALLY...they quit talking and I get to come home. Which leads us to.....HERE...NOW...COLD BOWL OF MAC AND CHEESE!! pfft!! Oh least there is something good on cable. I can't even think of a song for the day. BUT..I did think of a quote from the movie stated in my subject...

Don't fuck with the babysitter!!

Now, if ya'll will excuse me, my mac and cheese is getting colder than it was before...if that's even possible!!

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