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10:08 p.m. - 2003-04-03
I'm such a lush...
Dang today is the second day in a row for me to go drinking!! Now I know that to most it's like, dang why are you crying it's only two days. But that's a lot for someone like me. My hubby likes to call me a LUSH. PFFT! I can't help it if I'm stressing at work and I need a drink. JB and I were talking at work today about how we think we are becoming addicted to margaritas. YUM! I used to like them frozen, but they taste so much better on the rocks! YUM! She made me laugh when she orders her massive sized 24oz margarita he says, "Uh Oh, it's tequila time!" She makes me laugh sooo much!! Then later she was telling me how she was going to cook steak and I was like EW STEAK. She was like don't you like steak? I was like, DUDE NO WAY CUZ I'M LAZY AND I DON'T LIKE TO CHEW! She was laughing so hard she was snorting! She thought I was kidding. So I'm sitting there with a look on my face like, dude I'm sooo serious! Then she just looked at me and said OH. HA!

So I was thinking of funny stuff today. A couple of things came to mind. There was one time where PD, LT and I went to some club on 6th street. Now, parking on 6th street is very scarce. SOOOO...we parked on Congress. As usual, we got drunk. Well, when we left and were walking around looking for the car, we couldn't remember which way Congress was. So some guys were walking by and LT asked, "WHERE'S CONGRESS AT?!?! Well I guess the guys were drunk, too cuz one of them said, "RIGHT HERE BEBE!" And, he was pointing to his crotch area. It was sooo funny!! Well, not at the time. We kinda stood there and were like DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!?! You know how it is when you drink and you are kinda slow to react. HEHE.

Another funny drunken incident. And I can't remember if I told PD this story or not. See, kids, what happens when you drink a lot??? Short term memory loss is such a bitch!! UGH. friend from college here, Veronica, wanted to go to Mexico. SOOO of course, I was willing to oblige! We went to the Corona club (when the beer was a buck!) and of course, we got drunk. Well, the patio was open and Veronica took off with some dude. So, I went for a walk around the club by myself. Well, there are stairs going down to the patio. Well, little drunk BeanerNizzle took steps...ONE...TWO....CRASH!! And I fell down the rest and landed on my ASS in front of a crowd of people!!! ARGGGHHH!! The sad thing was, I fell in front of this guy I graduated high school with and he just looked at me, pointed and said DAMN GIRL YOU JUST FELL DOWN THE STAIRS ON YOUR ASS. Well no shit, shirlock! PFFT!! That was really the only funny part of the night. When it was time to go, I couldn't find Veronica anywhere. And I was pissed because she had my keys with my money in it because I had no pockets. Now....about 20 min later, she comes stumbling into the club all freaked out with some guy named Roger and she's like FRIEND, I ALMOST GOT ARRESTED AND I HAD TO GIVE THE COPS ALL YOUR MONEY SO THEY WOULDN'T ARREST ME!! I was like...WTF~! I had like $60 in that damn wallet/key chain!! It turns out, Vero and the dumbass went walking outside, found some shack in an alley and started getting...err, busy you could say. Well, then some cops or security guards caught them and said they were going to be arrested if they didn't give them any money. Well the dumbass guy was like I DON'T HAVE MONEY SO GO AHEAD AND ARREST US. That's when Veronica panicked and gave the guy all my damn money!! So the stupid guy is all apologetic at the bar and is like I TOLD HER IT WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN THAT BAD IF THEY ARRESTED US. I was pissed off!! That fucker! I grabbed him by his shirt and said, FUCKER DO YOU REALIZE THAT WE HAVE NO MONEY TO GET ACROSS THE BRIDGE?!? GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING WALLET BEFORE I KILL YOU!!! So he handed it over..and we left. I took his damn cash (about $20) and threw his wallet over the bridge.

So as you can see, I've had my share of adventures. I hope this made for a good laugh to those who read. If not, well fuck off and don't read my shiznit no mo! HA! Kidding...well, no not really!

Song of the day is Down In It by Nine Inch Nails For some reason I always play this song when I'm drunk...or buzzing....and just sing it out loud!!

I'll cross my heart, I'll hope to die, but the needle's already in my eye. And all the world's weight is on my back and I don't even know why. What I used to think was me is just a fading memory. I looked him right in the eye and said goodbye...

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