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10:15 p.m. - 2003-04-11
Seymore Butts Is GOD!
So hubby and I decided that we want to go the porn convention in Vegas! It looks sooo bad ass! I mean, what more could you ask and Vegas together?!?! YES!! The latest epi of Family Business was hillarious!! They all go to the AVNs and that looks pretty cool. It would totally rock to get Seymore's autograph!

Dude so I'm all tired right now and sooo not looking foward to going to work tomorrow!! *SNIFF* I have to work 4 hours but I think I am going to work 8. I really need the overtime pay. I'm talking like an extra $200 bucks! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS BABY! Speaking of which...I need to make me another CD to listen to at work tomorrow.

Today was so wierd. JB was out so I had no one to talk to. NOBODY LOVES ME! HA! Like I give a fuck! PFFT! Anyways, so I think at one point I fell asleep doing an order and I was like dreaming I was at a rock concert. I was all like OH MY GOD IT'S MY HUSBAND MARK SLAUGHTER!! And if you guys don't know who he is, don't ask. Because it's a very long and detailed story of my obsession!! *AHEM* Soooo anyways, I'm all off in dreamland when I feel someone shake my shoulders and I wake up and I'm like OH SHIT I'M SOOO BUSTED! Er, but no one was there. And I jumped out of my seat, I was so freaked. So this one dude was like YOU OK?!? Um, not I don't think my meds had wore off yet from the night before. I really need to stop overmedicating

I was thinking of some funny ass conversations I had at work with some folks. I was reading the latest issue of Jane magazine at break and it had an article about dildos and I was like THIS IS TOO COOL! And this one friend of mine who's preggers was all telling me about how she and her hubby are going to get one to "spice things up" after the baby is born. And I'm like WHY WAIT GO TO THE STORE AND GET ONE! And she's like BUT IT'S BAD TO STICK ONE OF THOSE IN YOU WHEN YOUR PREGNANT. Now, she was saying this with a straight face..totally serious and I'm trying so hard not to laugh! So I'm like, Um so you're saying you don't do the deed the whole time you're preggers? And she's like YEAH WE DO. So then that's when I bust out laughing and she's all serious like WHAT IS SO FUNNY. And I ask her WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STICKING A DILDO IN THERE OR A DICK? She was like...OH...YEAH. DUHHHH!!! And get this one: this other girl I know, who is also preggers, we're not really friends but she hangs out with us on break. She was like OH MY GOD I HAAAAAVEE TO TELL YOU THE FUNNIEST THING! She's kinda So I'm like OK. She's like SO ME AND J WERE DOING THE DEED LAST NIGHT AND HE WAS ALL LIKE DAMN BABY YOU DON'T LOOK PREGNANT FROM BEHIND!! I'm like um that was juuuust a little too much information for me. E! I I was like EW!! I will never understand some of the folks I work with!

Well I guess I am gonna hit the sack. As soon as I finish my margarita...of course!!!

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