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12:27 a.m. - 2003-04-13
Looonng Dayyyy
Today was SUCH a long ass day. Remember how I said I was going to go to work at 7?? Well silly BeanerNizzle didn't wake up. Well I did wake up after the alarm was ringing for a good 30 minutes but I could NOT move. I shouldn't have stayed up so late watching Blade 2 (again) and then Queen of the Damned. I think that movie is soo cool. Stuart Townsend makes such a kick ass Lestat plus the soundtrack to the movie ROCKS!

Anyhoo, I made it to work at 8:30. I was sooo ready to leave at 11:00!! Well actually, I was ready to leave as soon as I walked in, but you know how that goes. I was pissed at everyone there. I knew I was going to stay until 3:30 but I thought there would be at least ONE other person there with me. Well, there wasn't. The two guys that usually stay wimped out and decided to go play GOLF instead. Oh please..just another excuse to go and So I was the only one there. I was soooo bored. I would stop and daydream. At one point I wanted to take a nap but I was afraid I would wig out again like I did the other day. HEEHEE! OH GOSH I have GOT to tell you about this one lady that I work with. She disgusts me. She's a nice person but she's just really's rather large. Now I really hope I don't offend people out there but this woman is just gross. I have nothing against chubby people. But this lady has said stuff that really grosses me out. She talks about SEX all the time and hey..don't get me wrong, JB and I talk about it all the time. But one time the big lady said something about how she "gets it on a regular basis" and it just totally disgusted me. I don't like to think of older folks doing the deed. I think she's only about 36 or something but ughh..I don't even think I can repeat what she said without grossing out all my fans!! ICK...well OK I guess I have to. She said something to the extent that even though she gets it on a regular basis, her husband needs to move all her rolls to you know. HOW GROSS IS THAT?!?! EW EW Ew EW EW!! I consider this lady to be what I call a DOUBLE ASS her butt is sooo big it looks like she's got one on top of the other!! Now, again, I know this is mean...but she just grosses me out soo much! I have to turn my stereo up really loud so I don't have to hear her nasty sex stories. YUCK!

I'm watching a GIRLS GONE WILD documentary on VH1. I'm sure all you guys out there think that stuff is cool. Personally, I think it's stupid. OK YES I have flashed a few people in my time....Fred Durst at a Limp Bizkit concert...and he liked the girls so much he said YEAH YOU, DO IT AGAIN BABY! PD, I told you about wan't another Corey Haim dream dammit! Oh and I did flash a few in downtown San Antonio when Final Four was there a few years back. point is...I can't do something like what those girls do. I would be so embarassed and feel like such a whore after the fact. These girls are soo dumb. One girl took her shirt off and is doing jumping jacks and shit. Dude, that would HURT!! Can you imagine someone you know watching you act the fool like that?? With my luck, I would probably have one of my little punk ass perv cousins see the tape of me flashing and doing God knows what else. So, thanks but no...I'll pass!!

Well I was supposed to be doing my paper for class...but you know how easily I get disctracted. *Sigh* I'll have to finish it up in the morning...I hope.

Before I go, I would like to say THANK YOU to all the folks out there that read my diary. And to the guy that said my diary was "funny"...I'm glad you think I'm funny. And you know who you are! You're still a dick, though, for treating my friend like you keep on reading my diary!!! HEEHEE!!

PD I CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR TRUCK IS GONE!!! *Sniff* And I can't believe Y did what he did!! Ok I'm lying, it sounds like something that would happen to him. He needs to quit acting like a drunken fool!! HAHA!!

Well, I'm gonna go to sleep now in my new bed....


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