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11:59 p.m. - 2003-04-14
"Welcome to the Tushy Club"
Have you all noticed that I'm obsessed with porn and Seymore Butts yet?!?! Hell it's all I talk about at work with JB. And I even got her and her man to watch Family Business! HA! She was like DAMN YOU WERE RIGHT THAT SHOW IS CRAZY! So now her and her man want to go to the porno convention. Today our boss wasn't there so all we talked about was SEX!! We talked about how some folks that we work with only do it missionary position! Dude, how boring is that?!?! I mean, like this one chick that goes to break with us...we started talking about dildos and she just had this sick look on her face when I said the word VIBRATOR! It's women like that who wonder why their men are not sexually satisfied. Sex is a very important part of marriage. You need to keep it spicy! Try new things, new know!! We talked about how guys like ANAL. That grossed us out BIG TIME. If any guy would like to answer why guys like it so much, leave me a note or send me an email because I am DYING to figure it out! I mean, what is the big deal??! It's just not natural!! IT's THE WRONG HOLE, PEOPLE!!!

On a side note, I wish the guy strippers would come to town again! They had this one guy that looked like VIN DIESEL! HELLO!!!

Anyhoo....PD is rushing me to finish this so she can read it....soooo...I'm gonna watch American Pie 2 and go to bed. I'm tired. Three hours of sleep is sooo not good for tha BeanerNizzle!!!

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