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12:09 a.m. - 2003-04-18
Is it Friday yet??
Well technically, it is here in Tx anyways. At least I don't have to work on Saturday, which is good. The only thing I don't like about that stupid decision was the fact that they made overtime mandatory this week. PFFT. I swear, management makes some stupid ass decisions sometimes. HELLO! Why didn't they do that the past few weeks we've had to work on Saturdays? Oh no, they will never think of something that intelligent. Remind me later why I never want to me management at my's not worth the drama.

Speaking of which, there was wayyyy too much drama at work today. So much, I can't even fit it all in my precious blog. The good thing about this is that my boss is going to be out tomorrow. YAY! Par-Tay! Er, well sorta. I might actually have to get some work done but at least I'll be able to nap and daydream at my desk without worrying if someone is going to walk by and catch me.

Once again, I've got a damn headache. Stress is such a bitch. I'm making plans with JB to go to some sort of drinking binge tomorrow. Of course, it won't be a late one. She's going out of town Saturday morning so she can't really drink that much. MMMM...MARGARITAS!! Did I mention I work with the lady who owns the Scrub Pub? Yeah boyyyy...I've got the hook up!! So more than likely, that's where I'll be heading once I get my nails done. YES!

Well I'm outties for now......

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