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12:42 a.m. - 2003-04-25
YAY another layout! The lead singer of Staind is not all that attractive! Well actually I think he is, this is just a bad picture of him. Staind is what I listen to when I'm feeling sad, so this layout was appropriate!! Epiphany is my favorite Staind song. I miss my Justin already...but I'll see him again soon. Only 2 months and 3 days till I see him! YAY!!

OK so today I was feeling pretty crappy. I don't know why, it was just one of those days. You know, it's like when someone tells you your face is UNATTRACTIVE or something!! *AHEM* Butttt..PD called me and made me laugh! I love her! I'm sooo gonna miss her when she leaves!! She's a big girl now so I guess I have to let go. *SNIFF* NOOOOOOO!!! She's my girl, so I get pissed when folks fuck with her. So once again let me tell the gringo pendejo to FUCK OFF, LOSER!! *AHEM*

So PD called me and I loooove talking to her on the phone!! She makes me laugh soo much! Like we were talking about this one dumbass guy she knows. We both convinced this guy is GAY because he, for some strange reason or another, is not attracted to girls. So yeah, he's gay. Nuff said about that.

Oh and remember trailer park trash beeyatch? Well, she's got a big mouth. She's so stupid. She talks about me to other people, not knowning that these folks come and tell me what she says. So that should already tell you right now...DON'T FUCK WITH ME PEOPLE!! I know pretty much everything that goes down so if you talk shit about me, I will FIND YOUR LAME ASS! Anyways, so she called me a WETBACK!! ER EXCUUUSE ME?? HO, TRY TALKING THAT SHIT TO MY FACE AND I WILL SHOW YOU WHAT KIND OF A WETBACK I AM!! OK YES, I call my raza that, but it's because it IS my raza. I can say whatever I want about my people.'s not like I lived in a damn trailer with a huge ass porch!! BEEYATCH.....GET YO MIND RIGHT!! Dumb ass mo fo's....yeesh!!

OH and I just found out today I have to work Saturday REQUIRED 8 hours. ARRGGHHH!! I'm kinda mad, but not really. I'm thinking about how much extra cash I'll have on my check. Even AFTER taxes, I take home a fat check. YEAH! TAKE THAT, IRS!!! SUCK A NUT AND LIKE IT BEEYATCH!!

I'm on ebay looking for a tanning lotion. I need to start tanning again before I leave for Florida. Actually, I want to be nice and tanned when I see JUSTIN!! Ick..I just noticed the time. I have to be up in 4 and a half hours. And I have no clue what to wear. Maybe I'll dream of a cute outfit to wear tomorrow. LOL!

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