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10:20 p.m. - 2003-04-29
Ponderings of a Beaner
YAY to everyone who made my day today:

PD for calling me! I love it when she calls! Of course, I'm not supposed to be on the phone at my desk, but PFFT on that! Don't they know that I have business to take care of while I'm at work?? Sheesh people!! I'm pretty brave, though...using the phone and I sit all out in the open like that. LOL! That's cuz I am the SHIZNIT!!!

YAY to my favorite crackhead for taking the time out of his busy "get-buff" schedule to chat with me!! You are super cool and thanks for making that ring!! You rock!! Oh and in case you're wondering, I HAVE more than 2 words now!! HAHA!!

*Paper Update**

My teach is super cool!! He said it was cool about my paper being late. I let him know how work is stresing me out and that I felt bad about being late with my homework. He said DON'T WORRY!! YAY!!

OK well Six Feet Under is on so I have to watch that. More to come on the paper later...

Oh and ya'll should check out my rings page. It's pretty cool..if I do say so myself!!!

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