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7:35 a.m. - 2003-05-03
My neck...
My nevermind. It's not about the song anyways!! HA!

My back is KILLING ME! I got probably a total of 30 minutes of sleep the entire night. Why? Because those heathen children running around like they were spawns of satan. GET BEHIND ME SATAN!! I swear, there were like so many times I wanted to strangle them! And they were playing around so rough!! There were a bunch of kids that got hurt because they were wrestling around and I think at one point, some kid got put in the Stone Cold Stunner so he was out for the count! I was just amazed that they let all that stuff happen. One time, ok fine. But more than once?? Comeon folks, where is the adult supervision? And it wasn't my job to watch all those heathens..I was just worried about my son. Oh and speaking of my kept asking him to lie down because it was late..blah blah blah. His response?? NO MOM I'M NOT TIRED..I'M NOT TIRED!! So what time did the boy finally get to sleep?? Around 5:30!! And so of course when they start waking up everyone at the butt-crack of dawn, he's all grouchy saying he doesn't wanna wake up. Kids...I mean to tell you!!

Oh and another reason why I couldn't sleep: I dozed off, at one point for like maybe 5 minutes. Next thing I know, this guy is tapping me on my shoulder and I wake up to find his hand all up in my face holding a bug. I'm like WTF IS THAT SHIT!!! And yes, I screamed it so the children heard me!! He was like, OH I JUST WANTED TO SHOW YOU THE BABY ROACHES THAT ARE ON THE GROUND!!! So pretty much by that point I was ready to get my junk, my crap and get the hell on!! See what happens when you have a lock in at a place that's been shut down for years!!!! Then the two other folks I was kicking it with found an open back door! YES MY CHANCE FOR FREEDOM!! But I couldn't leave because my son didn't want to go!! *Sobz*

My son was not happy this morning when he woke up and he was all pissy! So I am PRAYING that he won't want to attend one of these dreadful events ever again! Besides, I don't think my jacked-up back can handle it!! I'll be giving my chiropractor a call this week. When this lady heard me complain about my back, she offered me a pain pill. But it was only some weak shit, like naproxen. NAPROXEN??? HELLL NOOO! I could've used a Darvocet instead! Or like I told PD when I called her from HELL I was like DUDE I SHOULD'VE FILLED UP MY FLASK AND BEEN TAKING SHOTS SO I COULD'VE JUST PASSED OUT!! It's funny how I never think of these things ahead of time!!! ARGGGHHH!!

Well I'm wide awake now. I guess I'll do something productive like homework for once. I turned in my paper yesterday but it sucked ass. I didn't even fulfill the word count requirement so I figure I need to kick ass on this next one.

LT, thanks for the words of encouragement!! HEEHEE!! I hope you enjoy Pheonix and the art exhibit!! It sounds interesting!!

Song of the day Your Disease by Saliva because when I told Robby about the baby roaches, he said that was a sign of infestation. GREAT..A ROOM FULL OF DISEASE!! *Gagz*

And I wanna take you down, but your soul cannot be found, it doesn't matter much you see, cause your disease is killing me...

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