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11:38 p.m. - 2003-05-09
A Very Moody Beanernizzle...
*sigh* I am beginning to think I have some sort of chemical imbalance. I am wayyy too moody. It's like everything and anything has been getting on my nerves these past couple of days. I'm so annoyed right now I can't stand it! Where is my MIDOL when I need it? my damn desk at work. ARGGGGHHH!! Reason to be pissed off #1. *MEH* You want to know what else is hella annoying?? Trying to call someone for an hour and a half and the phone being busy THE ENTIRE TIME!!! WTF!! I was trying to call Vero to see if I could drop by the house tommorow before her graduation and the damn phone was busy. WTF WTF WTF!! Reason to be pissed off #2.

We made it to Galveston OK and I hate the humidity here. ICK. I feel like I need to take a shower when I come inside. ICK ICK ICK. Wanna know what realllyyyy annoyes me down here?? DIAL UP INTERNET CONNECTION!! I haven't had that in years and I am amazed at how slow it is. *SIGH* I miss my baby at home. I forgot to mention to PD when she called that I was so upset last night I was contemplating buying a laptop. Yeah, I don't have the money but I would've taken the money out of my 401k. I have plenty to spare from there! But then I realized that I would be tapping into our vacation money so I calmed down and decided I would talk to my Dad about it. Daddy loooovees his baby and would do almost anything to make his precious baby happy! GOD I love being an only child! *Beamz* And FYI...I'M NOT SPOILED, I'M PRIVALEGED!

Reason to be pissed off #3: My Spurs are losing to the ugly ass Lakers. I mentioned to my hubby that before Game 1, I would make a quick trip to San Antonio, sneak into the SBC Center and pull a Nancy Kerrigan on Kobe and Shaq. My hubby laughed and said I wouldn't be able to take out Shaq because he is one big bastard. I think my head would reach to his knees and that's as high up as I need to be. Oh and don't get me started on the ugly bastard known as Rick Fox. GQ Man of the Year, my ASS! HE is sooooo ugly!! He deserves a technical foul just for being so damn ugly. ICKY!!

Alright well it's late here and I need to get some sleep! I heard a funny song on the way over here by Ludacris. It reminded me of that drunken fool Y because it said something about ACTIN' THE FOOL, and that's exactly what Y said one fateful night last year. HA!

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