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5:56 p.m. - 2003-05-11
Dancing Queen
So I got to hang out with Vero last night. The whole gang was there...Roland, Jerry, Alicia, Angel and AJ. Well I guess I should count Steph but she caused way too much drama yesterday and left for San Antonio around 9:30PM. Talk about throwing a fit!! Why would you leave from Houston at 9:30 at night?? Sheesh! But that's a long ass story that I'm not going to explain right now.

So the liquor was flowing freely last night! I had 7 on 7, a few wine coolers, and this drink...well a long island iced tea. It was cool because it was like already pre-mixed in the bottle which is cool! Er, they said it was strong but I couldn't taste the liquor. They were like EW I CAN SMELL IT FROM HERE. And I was like ER CAN SOMEONE PASS ME A STRAW? They were like DAMN YOU LUSH! *Shrugz* I can't help it if my taste buds are burned! HA!

OK well my mother-in-law is here and we're gonna go eat dinner so it's time for me to go!!

Song of the day Dancing Queen by ABBA Dedicated to Vero because she played this song over and over last night. I was like er what's up with this song..she said BUT IT'S MY FAAAVORITE FRIEND! AND I WISH I WAS 17 AGAIN!! Don't we all....

You are my dancing queen, young a sweet, only 17...

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