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1:07 a.m. - 2003-05-14
Do you bury me when I'm gone...
So I'm sure PD is wondering if I finished my paper? And I guess she already knows the answer to that! I guess I'll work on in tomorrow at work. I'll have to email myself something so I can go ahead and get it started. *MEH* I don't even want to do it since I already have a B in the class, and that's without the paper. But PD said I should, so I guess I should!

So Robby and I got the shock of our lives tonight. The phone rang around 10:30 and it was his friend Jarett from back home. I gave Robby the phone and I was like UM IT'S JARETT AND HE ONLY CALLS WHEN IT'S IMPORTANT. So right away we think he's eloped or he's fixing to have a baby. Er no, we were both wrong. He tells us he's taking in the sights of San Angelo. Yeah, he was in town! It was kinda funny since we didn't get to see him on our trip to Galveston. So we went to go see him for a while. He had to come up here to get something for his boss so he called us to see what was up. Er, it's Tuesday, dude..ain't a damn thing up! HAHA! Too bad he couldn't stay longer, we would've taken him out for margaritas! YUM!

Well Robby found out besides having his tonsiles and adenoids removed, he's also going to have surgery done on his sinuses. ICK! My poor baby! At least the kids won't be here this weekend and I'll be able to take good care of him!!

I was watching mtvICON Metallica which is why I didn't do my paper. I've been a fan of then for a while...damn a long ass time now that I think of it. Damn that makes me feel old! PFFT!

Hopefully I'll be able to get my paper done at work because tomorrow is tv night on you know what that means. And tomorrow is the last day I can submit my paper. E!!

Well I'm off to bed. It's sooo damn late and I'm still hella tired from my trip. *YAWNZ*

Song of the day, One by none other than Metallica

Hold my breath inside, wish for death....oh please God wake me....

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