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7:34 p.m. - 2003-05-15
I am....the shiznit!!
HA! And yes, my friends will all agree that I am sooo the shiznit! Life is good! Er, well to an extent anyways.

Well beanernizzle totally forgot there was construction this morning. So I leave for work at my normal 7:40 time. Um well then I see the sign that says ROAD CLOSED and I yell out SSHIIIIITTTT! ANNDDDD..I had a meeting with my manager's manager *El Mero Mero" at 8:00 so I could NOT be late today! Um well the traffic fucked up that idea. Then on my way to work, my daughter vomits. I'm like OK GREAT. So anyways...I was 10 minutes late. Good thing everyone was in the meeting so no one saw me walk in as late as I did. *MUAH AHAHAHAHA* Then I said to myself MEH I'M NOT GONNA GO TO THE MEETING. Well I don't know why, but I decided to go to the meeting after all. The door was open, so I peeked inside...and I couldn't see an empty seat! DAMMIT I think to myself. So I start to walk away until I see my in-charge supe motion me inside. NOOOO!! So I walk in and I don't see a I'm standing there like a dumbass...with El Mero Mero talking away and my manager just giving me the evil eye. So I wave at her and smile! Yeah, BeanerNizzle has the smooth moves!! HA! Anways, I finally found a seat and settled down to hear what he was talking about. Unfortuneately I couldn't take my usual nap during the meeting because my manager was sitting up in front facing everyone and all the lights were on so she could see everyone in the entire room. Darn! There was one part of the meeting I really payed attention to, though. Someone asked a question about layoffs and job security and what not. So he started talking about how we need to realize how valuable we are in the telecom industry because of all the extensive training we have had. So that kinda made me know, THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HUMMMM? So when the meeting was over I went online and looked at the managerial job board. I saw two management job postings in San Antonio and said ER WHY NOT? So I applied for one because the first one was way beyond me. Although the top pay for that position was $147,000! I told my mom and she was like OH HOW EXCITING IF YOU GET IT, YOU CAN MOVE TO SAN ANTONIO!! And I'm like yeah that would be so cool huh? I love San Antonio and living there has been a dream of mine forever. But I'm not going to get my hopes up high because if I don't get it, I will be upset. But I know there is a good chance I don't get it, but who knows eh? : )

OOO OOO!! So yesterday was the last day of class for me!! YES I was all happy. Of course, I had yet to finish my! I needed some major encouragement from PD so thanks to my cherished sparkling magic trick of a girl for that!! So anyways, I was on a roll for a while and I had an awesome topic!! Then as the night wore on, I was like MEH I'M TIRED. So I didn't even finish it and turned it in anyways. Well I got my grade back today. I GOT A FREAKIN' 94!! WOOOHOOO!! Not bad for being 3 days late, if I do say so myself!! ANNNDDD..get professor said the only reason I got a 94 was because I forgot to list all my sources on the paper!! HA!! So you see? I really am the shiznit!!!

Well I'm gonna go watch my Spurs take out the nasty-ass Lakers!! BOO THE LAKERS!! They are winning right now but they need to step it up a bit!! So with that...

Song of the Day Fuel by Metallica dedicated to my precious Spurs so they can have the desire to WIN AND TAKE THOSE FUCKERS OUT!!

On I burn, fuel is pumping engines, burning hard, loose and clean...And on I burn...Churning my direction..quench my thirst with gasoline...GIMME FUEL GIMME FIRE, GIMME THAT WHICH I DESIRE!!

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