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9:05 p.m. - 2003-05-19
Le Yipe!...and then some....
Woah about time I update eh? Well I had things going on that prevented me from doing there!

Dude it was so horribly HOT today it was disgusting! It was up to 105 and that is AWFUl since it's MAY here! WTF! I didn't want to leave the house until it was dark. ICK! Butttt....I felt the urge for a off I went....

And let me tell you....I don't go to the Chinese folks because well, they don't do a good job. But JB had gone there before and she says YEAH THEY DO THIS AND THEY DO THAT...LEAVE YOUR FEET SOFT..BLAH I'm like what the hell. So I go...and you know what saying rings true? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! Dude, I'm sorry but I wanted a SPA PEDICURE and I didn't get one. God forbid I tell my nail lady where and what I did because she would KILL me! What I got was something I could've done myself at home! They didn't scrub my feet with that scrubby stuff. The guy got a pumice stone, put some soap on it and scrubbed my feet with that! WTF is that?!?! PLUS the water I was soaking my feet in had no soapy stuff in it!! So yeah, my toe nail polish looks great but my feet aren't soft and silky smooth like they should be. *MEH* OH....ANDDDD...this is the part that makes me CRINGE...he SCRUBBED the top of my feet with the damn stone! HELLO...THE BOTTOM OF MY FEET AREN'T CRUSTY TO BEGIN WITH, MUCH LESS THE TOP! So now my left foot has this long ass nasty scrape on it! Robby laughed and said THAT'S WHAT YOU GET! *sigh* LE YIPE!

Well PD hasn't said if she's coming this weekend or should I assume that she is?!?! I hope she is!! We're having a BBQ for the holiday!! YUM!!

Anyways, I'm gonna go rub some lotion on my feet. ICK....boy did I learn my lesson....

PS: So I'm sitting here watching my Spurs whoop that Maverick Ass and I can't help but think of something I read. Mark Cuban made a comment about Dallas being better than San Antonio, not only as a basketball team but as a city as well. Dude, don't get me wrong because I admire Mark Cuban for certain things but he is wayyyy off base for that! I've been to both cities and don't get me wrong, I loooove my Dallas Cowboys but San Antonio is wayyy cooler than Dallas! I would sooo rather live in San Antonio anyday! I love it there! MMMM...maybe it's because I was born there????? *Shrugz* SO WATCH YOUR MOUTH, MARK CUBAN!!

*MEH* I can't seem to quit updating this thing! Alright, so the Spurs lost this game. BIG FUCKIN' DEAL! Now I'm never going to hear the end of it from the hubby.. PFFT~~

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