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10:59 p.m. - 2003-05-22
21 Questions
Yes a new layout! I decided to be a bit racy this time and give the guys out there something to look at!

So I'm totally excited because PD will be here in 2 days!! YESSSS!! So you know what that means....

Work was short today since I got off early. We still don't have any work and my boss is going to be in training. *MEH* JB and I were soooo bored today! She keeps saying she's not going to come into work tomorrow!! I told her she had to stick it out with me...she said she didn't know. I was like, dude don't make me call your house every 5 minutes to make sure you are coming to work!! If she doesn't come to work, I will die of boredom!!! ARGGHHH!!

My friend at work just had her baby boy yesterday! I went to go and see them and he is soooo cute!! It made me want to have another baby...for about 5 seconds! I don't think I can handle having another 9 pounder!!

PD mentioned that her and her bro were going to get tats together. And it got me thinking. Maybe I want one, too. But not like They want a longhorn and MADE IT TEXAS beneath it. Well I can't do that Longhorn since I didn't graduate from UT like them! But I was thinking still the MADE IN TEXAS part just something a little different. I don't know yet...I've got to consult with PD about this this weekend over margaritas! *SLURP*

MMkay, I'm gonna go to bed and hopefully finish watching DARKNESS FALLS. I had to turn it off last time cuz it scared the shiznit out of me!! E!

Song of the day 21 Questions by 50 Cent. This man is a lyrical genious!! And I love Nate Dogg singing on this song too...his voice...sooo smoooth!!

Do you believe me when I tell you, you the one I'm loving? Are you mad cuz I'm asking 21 questions? Are you my soul made cuz if so girl, you a blessing. I keep staring at you trying to figure out how you got in them jeans. I treat you how you wanted to be treated, just teach me how...

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