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11:17 p.m. - 2003-05-25
Boss Hoggin'
Yeah so PD and I were alll Boss Hoggin' last night! And if you don't know what that means, then don't ask because we won't tell you!! So there!!

Today PD and I went to the mall. PD bought some really cute shirts and cute jewlery. She got this one shirt that I think I need to get for myself. It says NICE RACK POOL HALL and it looked really cute on me when I tried it on. Maybe later this week I'll make a trip to the mall to pick up some other cute stuff I saw there!

We went to Chili's tonight to indulge in Presidente Margaritas! Granted, it took us about 3 each to feel a good buzz but it was well worth it! Those margaritas were soooo good!! We watched the Spurs open a rather large can of whoop ass on the Mavericks! The Mavericks suck biiiig huuuuge PIPI! Even though there is one more game left, it's going to be the Spurs against the Nets for the Championship!! It's a given who will all the doubters out there might as well cheer for the true champions, the Spurs! YEAH!!

Anyways, I'm gonna go chill with the homies for a bit....maybe find something good on TV....

Until then...imma keep on BOSS HOGGIN'!!!

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