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10:09 p.m. - 2003-05-27
I had a really good entry going and I accidentally clicked the stupid ass X...fucking shit...that pisses me off.

I had an oh-so great weekend. PD and I had a blast. Presidente margaritas are the best and I highly recommend them to everyone! *Slurpz* I wish I could have one right would totally make my night...

The Spurs are totally whooping that Maverick ass again. Dallas might as well just quit since they are making fools of themselves. HA!

Roland called me tonight while I was shopping. He invited me to go eat at Chili's with him, Jerry and Veronica to watch the game. I was like UH YEAH LET ME JUST DRIVE MY HAPPY ASS TO SAN ANTONIO! *Sigh* Don't I wish...I miss those guys and I wish they could visit me!!

PD and I had an interesting adventure the other night that I forgot to mention. It seems that after a few Presidente margaritas, we decided to take the pickle challenge. It was too fun and we had such a good buzz going on during the whole thing! PD made this bad ass pie chart thingey with the results so she should be handsomely rewarded!! YAY PD!!

I had a crappy day today. Days like these make me want to bust out my yummy bottle of Stoli and just drink it. *Shudderz* I argued and argued with the cable company over a stupid porno movie that neither I nor my hubby watched OR ordered! They couldn't prove to me that Robby ordered it but it was done while no one was at if that means no one was at home to order it, NO ONE WAS AT HOME TO ORDER IT!! To make a long story short, I basically told the Brian guy on the phone to fuck off and suck a nut because he told me he couldn't remove the charges. I was like DUDE IF I WANTED PORNO I WOULD GO TO THE LOVE SHACK AND GET THREE MOVIES FOR $10!! Damn I hate that punk ass bitch cable company.....if only Sterling Cable had MTV....

Well no song for the day again, because I'm still hella pissed at the cable incident...I'm two seconds away from busting out my yummy yummy Stoli....

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