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8:13 p.m. - 2003-06-02
I'm soooo Debonaire!!
So you all know, 2 Fast 2 Furious is coming out this weekend! YAY! Although I am a bit disappointed that the yummy Vin Diesel is not in the movie, I'm sure it's still going to kick ass!! When I showed Robby what my new layout was going to be he was like EW NOT VIN DISEL! I was like WHY NOT?!?! HE'S HELLA COOL! Robby said NO HE IS A BAD ACTOR! Er not to me! I then described the scene in the Fast and the Furious that is Oscar-worthy. It's the one where he and Michelle Rodriguez are fixing to get it on and he grabs her ass like really hard!! OHHHH YEAHHHHH!! Totally Oscar-worthy!!! Anyways, I still think the new movie is going to kick ass!! Fast cars and hot boys....what more could a girl ask for???

Work was OK today but as usual, someone had to piss me off! I was already having a not so great day because I've been showering in cold water for the past 3 days. Well I wanted to vent about the shitty situation and JB wasn't at her desk. Soooo....I ended up going to nasty ass TPT girl and her cubie. Well what a mistake it was to vent to them! JB and I always make fun of TPT because she's got what we like to call a GRANNY WET SET HAIR DO!! Er, well you know my hair is really short and cute!! Well TPT's cubie said, "YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD LET YOUR HAIR GROW AS LONG AS TPT'S SO YOU CAN HAVE THAT SAME TYPE OF HAIR DO BECAUSE IT WOULD LOOK SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT YOU HAVE NOW." Uhhhh..yeah. Make my day shittier than it already is! I WAS PISSSSEEDDD!! I had to talk to JB and she reminded me that the other lady is jealous of me because she's got thinning hair! HA!

I missed talking to PD today! Although I did get some very interesting emails from her! I responded to one, but I was terrified!! So PD, if and when you read this....sorry precious! I need to take the phone to work more often! Note to PD: I'm gonna have the phone on my desk back again because we're working on a customer contact project!!! YAY!

Well I'm off to give my babygirl a bath, now that we have hot water!! YAY!!

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