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7:10 p.m. - 2003-06-06
Work was slow and dull today. JB and I just chatted and goofed off. The boss was gone for the day, so you know what that means!! Although I am really proud of myself because I got a lot of work done. I actually did more today than I did the past few days! Damn, I'm good!!

I also got a lot of phone time with PD today, which I enjoyed, of course! My cell phone billing cycle just started on the 29th of June and I've already used 213 Sprint to Sprint calls!! I love the fact that the minutes are FREE FREE FREE! Which is my favorite four letter word, besides cash, that is!!

So PD and I were considering getting tattoos when I went down there for the concert in 22 days! But then we got to talking and I THINK we are going to do something else done instead. NO, it's not a piercing or anything else (although the thought did cross my mind for a second....)it's just SOMETHING else. She's going to get prices and then we're going to compare the prices and see which one is cheaper. HA!! Damn we come up with the funniest and craziest shit to do!

Well I'm off to the store to pick up something to mix with my BACARDI 151! *SLURPZ* PD said I should do the no drinking thing until June 28th, but there is no way I can make it that long. She says it's MY fault that she had her incident because when she went out with me the weekend before it took her a few more drinks to get a buzz. PFFT ON HER! She can believe it if she wants but I know it's not true! Er, besides...a month without drinking?!?!?! Well actually it's like 3 weeks but that is wayyyy too long!! And I've had a long week at work and I have to unwind!!

So I'm off! But...before I go...a pic of my girl JB. She's cute and skinny and I hate her!! No, I don't really, she's hella cool. We were goofing off with the phone and I told her and her man I was going to post the pic on the web. Her man's response?? "Oh she's got a LOT more pics of her on the internet, Sofia!" Ohhh Reeeeeeallllyyyy JB?!?! *Gigglz*

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