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10:09 p.m. - 2003-06-10
I'm tired. I didn't work out today like I should have because I was soooo excited about getting my sattelite dish installed! YAY!

Tomorrow on MTV they are going to show some thingey about piercings. I saw my nail lady get her nosed pierced the other day and I almost fainted. *ICK* The sight of that huge ass needle going through her nose was something else! Er, needless to say, all I got done was my ear. HA! Dude, I had my tongue pierced and I'm wayyyy too old to do things like that again! My ear does look really cute though!! My hubby looooves it! He wants me to get "other" things pierced, but he's on CRACK if he thinks I would do something like that!!

Tomorrow Robby and I are going to hang out with my friend at work and her hubby. He and Robby are going to Ozzfest together, while PD an I will be drooling over Justin. *Droolz* I can't waiiiiiittt!!

Well I'm going to go finish watching the OH SO HOT Brian Kinney on QAF *Droolz* I go!

Song of the day is Feel Good Time by Pink. She performed the song on the MTV Movie Awards and I was instantly intrigued! It brings back memories of PD and I going out on the town and Boss Hoggin'!!

We go where we like, we got overtime, we get paid to rattle our chains....

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