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10:22 p.m. - 2003-06-11
All I have to say is...FUUUUCCCKKKK the Nets. They got lucky. I don't care who says what but the Spurs are stilllll going to take it all! Remember that shiznit, yo...

Dude so I had an awesome time tonight. Robby and I hungout with Alma and Josh. Josh is going with Robby to Ozzfest. They are going to have succhhh a good time at the concert. We went to Chili's and I don't remember how many presidente margaritas I had but I'm pretty buzzed now dude. Robby says I'm fucked up but I don't think so cuz I can still type yo! So there! I called PD. She has MONNKEEYYYYYPOX! I love her, she's such a trip! She says I need to go on the no drinking thing with her but um...I don't think so! Um, but right now I have the hiccups and that's usually a sign that I've had too much to drink. *MEH*

So I guess that means time for bed. *Hiccupz* We made plans to hang out with Josh and Alma again this weekend. YAY! So much for not drinking. *Hiccupz*

Er, I guess I should lay down now..


But before I go, here's a cute pic I took of Alma and Josh!

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