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10:15 p.m. - 2003-06-16
Fun Girl
Today I had a fun day. Well not really. The only time I had fun was when I talked to PD on the phone. Then my hubby took it because he needed it. *POUTZ* He said that ever since I got the free pcs to pcs calls I talk to PD all the time. So true, so true. I mean, why else would I need it? He was like HOW CAN YOU TALK ALL DAY ON THE PHONE WITH HER?? It's something a man would never ever understand. MEN! HA!

I don't know if anyone recalls the TPT girl that I work with whom I absolutely detest?? Well she is actually CIVIL to me now. I still can't stand her trashy ass and JB and I talk about her all the time. I'm actually shocked that she's told me all about her wedding this weekend. She even told me today that my hubby and I were invited. HA! Dude...yeah right. In a way, I feel kind of bad because it's like I'm being a hipocrite. But then the more I think about it, the more I don't really feel bad. Why? Because I know she's still the back stabbing white trash beeyatch that she was a year ago. I actually met her when I was down here going to jr high. She hasn't changed. Some people are just so damn stupid and I wonder why I bother wasting my time talking to her now after all she's said about me. I asked JB that question and she answered me by saying BECAUSE THAT'S THE ONLY WAY WE'LL GET THE DIRT ON THE HO. I couldn't have said it better myself.....

So Robby told me that SITEL, of all places, is having an open house on Sunday. I was like, um you mean like a carnival or what? He was like NO LIKE THEY ARE LETTING PEOPLE TOUR THE BUILDING!! I was like..WHAT WHAT WHAT?? WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THAT CONFIDENTIALITY BULLSHIT THEY PREACH ALL THE TIME?? Of course, I'm going to go. I haven't been in that building since I worked there in '98. YEESH! Yeah, what can I say....I was one of the few, the proud. The worst job I've ever had! AOL tech support was such a joke. I quit when I was written up for insubordination when I wouldn't let some pervert supe give me a back rub. What a crock of shit, huh?

I am SOOOO insanely jealous of my friends in San Antonio right now!! I sent Roland an email last night and he wrote back saying how he had a Spurs party at the apt last night. Then after the Spurs GLORIOUS VICTORY, they went crusing downtown until 1am. *SIGH* Unfortunately, the celebration is Wed nite. Had it been on Thursday or even tomorrow, I sooooo would've taken the day off and gone. Of course, Robby didn't want to go. POO ON HIM! I would've made the trip myself!!

I have come to the conclusion that I need to start sellling more MK. IF ANYONE NEEDS ANYTHING, SEND ME AND EMAIL AND I WILL SEND YOU A LINK TO MY PAGE SO YOU CAN ORDER STUFF!!! Can everyone tell that I am totally desperate for money?

MELVIC's mom came buy today and picked up her MK she bought from me. She said that MELVIC does facials for free. I'm almost tempted to call her and do a peel or something because I'm too damn broke to pay for my own....

Well I'm feeling a bit lazy so I'm going to go and lie down.

Song of the day Right Round the "pussy 80's song" remake by Dope. They played this at the concert and they dedicated it to all the FUN GIRLS in the crowd. Of course, that is sooo me because I am just a TOTALLY FUN girl!! Um, also the more I listen to this song, the more I think it has some really sexual innuendos in it...HA!!

You look like you're lots of up your lovin' now and watch out here I come....

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