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10:09 p.m. - 2003-06-19
I didn't do a damn thing at work today. I mean, I know I say that a lot, but I really didn't do shit today! Like, I told my boss I was working on a project. I was supposed to be calling some customers....but I didn't. I just looked up thier account information and made it LOOK like I was calling. But I didn't! E! I told Robby tonight that I didn't do anything and he was like YOU ARE SO RETARDED...YOU ARE ALL PROUD ABOUT NOT DOING ANYTHING. Uh, actually I am because not everyone can pull that off with such grace!!

I miss San Antonio. I looked for jobs at SBC tonight and they are all like for CPA positions in the company. POO on that.

When I went to work, before I even sat down folks started asking me, SO HOW WAS THE PARADE? WAS IT WORTH THE DRIVE? Yes....yes it totally was!!

So since I did nothing at work today, I listened to some CD's I found at my desk. I love finding CD's that I don't remember making! So..with that....

Song of the Day Popsicle by New Kids on the Block!!! YES I was a fan YES I was listening to this today and YES I was dancing around in my cubicle singing this song!!

You're my popsicle...from the very first time I met you girl, you caputured me....

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