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1:36 a.m. - 2003-06-21
Wizards and Beans
YAH I'm soooo damn tired!! So this will be a short update...

A few things I want to point out:

1. George Lopez is hella funny. See him live if you get the chance. He puts on an awesome show!

2. I'm tired of my layout already.

3. TPT bitch at work pissed me off again. I wanted to beat her white trash ass.

4. Grown ups dressed up as wizards scare me. I went to the Harry Potter release party with my baby boy and there were PLENTY of wierdos there. He wanted to go really bad to get the book so I took him. PD told me I was retarted for going. I'm not retarded!! My baby wanted the book and who am I to tell him no? And no, he doesn't think of the book or movies as scary or satanic. He is perfectly aware of fantasy and reality. It's amazing the sacrifices you make for your children. I find myself doing whings with him that I would never do. We have fun together and he makes me laugh.

Well I'm gonna go lie down. I was at dumb Hastings for 2 freakin hours and my feet hurt!!

Song of the day is Gin and Juice by my Nizzle Snoop Dogg....because TPT wanted my beans that I made for the group for goodey day but she didn't pitch in. BEEYATCH YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY BEANS TO TAKE HOME UNLESS YOU PAY ME!!

Now everybody got thier cups but they ain't chipped in...

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