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10:33 p.m. - 2003-06-24
Just call me...BitchBeaner
You know just now, I accidentally went to another webpage and LOST MY ALMOST COMPLETE update I just had. The perfect end to my perfect day. *SIGH*

So was a bad day for me. Not work-wise, but folks at work really REALLY pissed me off today. To make a long story short, the guy that was supposed to go to Ozzfest this Saturday backed out TODAY! The concert is THIS SATURDAY! HELLO! WTF!! The girl used the excuse of being broke and I am mad at myself because I should've seen it coming. I hate myself for being so blind. All last week she was complaining about how her and her man were so broke..blah blah blah. Now, let me just point things out here. I am THE QUEEN of being broke. For crying out loud, my poor hardworking hubby works at SITEL!! Now all you people here in town know how shitty the pay is ya'll know what's up. Anyways she tells me about how she wanted to give him $100 for the weekend and that was more than enough. I mean, all he was going to have to pay for was food. He had a place to stay. She's pregnant so she also used that as an excuse about how she doesn't feel well. Lady, try carrying around a 9lb baby and see how easy it is compared to carrying a 6 or 7 pounder. Dammit I was sooo mad. Mad at him for backing out and mad at the fact that Robby can't go now. I mean, he could've gone by himself if he wanted, but folks at work advised him not to go alone. And I don't blame him...big city freaks are nothing like the ones in this punk ass town. I just feel sooo bad for my hubby. He's been wanting to go for so long and he was looking foward to it since like March. So now both tickets are up for grabs on Ebay. And who knows if they will sell with such short notice? I can only hope and pray that they do so we can get our money back. Oh and there is no way in hell I'm going to give those folks they money back for thier ticket. I know, it may sound totally bitchy on my part, but fuck that. I give these folks the benefit of the doubt and they just fucked me over at the last minute. You just don't know from one day to the next if you are broke. You know ahead of time. So I'm not buying any of thier bullshit lame ass excuses. I was so mad, I could've busted all day at work. So fuck them and thier money because I ain't giving shit back! So PD and I were talking about it and she agreed with my decision. "Don't call me BeanerNizzle, just call me BitchBeaner from now on!"

Oh..and I can't go to Ozzfest with my honey because I'm gonna go see Justin and Xtina with PD. She actually asked me if since Robby wasn't going to Ozzfest if we weren't going to the concert anymore. I was like DUDE THAT'S NOT EVEN AN OPTION. WE ARE GOING TO THE CONCERT!! Long live pop rock, dude!!

I was listening to some old CD's at work today. I found one that I Lifestyl. YES, that is how it's spelled, with no E. Those guys are friends from Galveston of my hubby from back in his ghetto days. My hubby..the true thug. So don't fuck with me people cuz I can fuck up your shit like no one else can!

So..with that...

Song of the day is Million Dollar Stars by Lifestyl. I used to play this song for my son and he was like 4 years old and he would sing the spanish part. E! Dirty words and

We're million dollar stars, find us at the bar flossin' in our cars, cuz you know who we are...

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