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5:31 a.m. - 2003-06-26
Ozzfest tickets anyone??
OK folks, well it's down to the wire here and NO ONE has bought the tickets. Welcome to my hell, people. This situation has gone BEYOND fucked up now. Robby has been soooo mad these past couple of days. He's been a grouch, in fact, and I don't really blame him. He said that if the tickets don't sell (which now I'm thinking they won't!!) he's going to call that guy and tell him to give us the money for our ticket. The only reason we got the tickets to begin with was because that guy said he was going. I asked like I don't know how many times to make sure. Like, I double checked and tripled checked and all that other bullshit. I bugged that girl at work asking her ARE YOU SURE, ARE YOU SURE.....and now this. Dude we wouldn't have even GOTTEN the damn tickets if we knew. ICK. I need to stop bitching about this because it's making me really really angry...and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry...

OK so now it's Thursday and there are 2 days left to THE BIG DAY! E!! I'm gonna get a pedicure tonight and I'm going to try and get my hubby out of a funky mood so maybe he can take me to the mall to look at clothes. I doubt he'll be in the mood though. I was thinking that I should just wait until Saturday to buy something. PD will be out KICKING ASS on her test so my idea was that Robby and I would hit the outlets early in the AM. Hopefully I can find something there to wear. Dude those malls are SO awesome! I think I can find an entire outfit and all! ANDDD even save money! YAY ME!

I can't believe how early I'm up. This is disgusting. I fell asleep watching one of my favorite shows DOGGY FIZZLE TELEVIZZLE. I was so tired last night. Being pissed off really takes a lot out of me. I think today will be a better day. long as I try NOT TO THINK ABOUT THOSE DAMN TICKETS!! GRRR!!

Well I guess I'll start getting ready for work. *MEH* I am sitting at a NEW DESK in front of the BOSS now so I have to be good AND BE ON TIME..LOL..from now on.

Song of the day is Are you Happy Now by Michelle Branch. This song is pretty cool...and its dedicated to the fucker that backed out on Ozzfest at the last minute. I hope your happy that you fucked up my hubby's weekend! Fucker...

You took all there was to take, and left me with an empty plate. And you don't care about it, yeah. And I have given up this game ...I'm leaving you with all the blame cause I don't care...

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