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8:58 a.m. - 2003-06-28
What did I do last night??
Um, OK so last night is such a blur. I'm in Austin with my girl PD. I LOVE HER!! Anyways, we went to have some mexican martinis and I had 2, of course. I also had a frozen margarita (YUM). Then we made a plan to go out afterwords. PD couldn't go because she had to study for her exit exam. She is gonna sooo kick ass on that test!! YAY PD! Anyways, we went to this bar called THE LIBRARY and it was so kick ass there. The long island iced teas were $2.50 which is SUCH a good price. Now I was thinking, if the drinks are that cheap they are gonna taste like POO! Well, they didn't. They were soooooo YUMMY! Um and I can't remember how many I had. Robby had never been out to 6th street so he was having a blast. We got to see Yousef, which is always really fun. LT met some guy named MARI! Well that's what I thought his name was. LOL! I think his name was really Bobby! LOL! Well then LT, Robby and I left and we were like HEY LET'S GO TO THAT TATTOO PLACE WE SAW ON THE WAY OVER HERE. PD's bro was like DUDE THEY ARE NOT GONNA GIVE YOU A TAT CUZ YOU'RE FUCKED UP. And note to all the readers out there, I was NOT drunk...I just had a good buzz going! Anyways, we went to the tat place and I saw the chinese symbol I wanted.....and I got it! It looks really good. I'm gonna have to get my hubby to take a pic of it. IT LOOKS HOT! It didn't hurt and it took the guy like 15 minutes to do it. I must have looked I mean there I was, wearing a SKIRT and straddling the damn chair! HA!

So that was my adventure last night. I had a blast. Tonight is the Justin and Christina concert! PD and I are going to have soooo much fun tonight. But first, I need to drink some damn water. I've got cotton mouth big time!

Song of the day is that 2 Fast 2 Furious song by Ludacris. You know...the one that says WHATCHU GONNA DO..ACT THE FOOL! They played that at the Library last night and that's what my hubby said I was doing..acting the fool. Whatever man!!

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