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10:58 p.m. - 2003-06-30
What a day....
Man I totally forgot I started training today....and that I had to be at work at freakin' 7:30AM. So needless to say, I was like 5 minutes late. OH one even noticed since the trainers still had no clue what was going on anyways. Unfortunately for me, I'm stuck in training for at least 3 days. *MEH* What fun...I didn't even get to talk to PD today. *SOBZ*

My tummy is still feeling the effects of my binge drinking on Friday nite. *BLECH* I guess I'm still being punished.

Everyone loved my cool new tattoo! This one lady....lord, she's so stupid though. She asked me this stupid question: DOESN'T IT HURT WHEN YOUR PANTIES RUB AGAINST IT?? I was like, um no, my panties don't go up that high...I don't wear granny panties, you know! And TPT...well she thought it was fake. What a dumbass!

I'm watching this really good movie on Showtime called Soldier's Girl. It's about this one soldier that falls in love with a drag queen. It's pretty hardcore, man. So I'm gonna go finish watching it now...and maybe even get some sleep...hopefully my tummy will quit acting up.

NiNi all...

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