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11:07 p.m. - 2003-07-02
One More Day...
UNTIL MY 4 DAY WEEKEND! The good thing about it, is that I have Friday off from work. The bad thing? I'll be back home to see my extended family. *MEH* I have no desire to see my whore cousin....but I do want to see her little boy! I FINALLY GET TO SEE WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE AND SEE IF THE FATHER IS WHO SHE SAYS SHE IS!! *Evil Grinz*

I hate it when there is nothing on TV this late. I shouldn't even be up this late. I almost didn't make it to work on time today. The damn alarm was ringing for 45 minutes before I heard it. Damn thing! I get to wear shorts to work tomorrow so that will be cool. I hate this sickening hot weather. ICK!

I miss Sephora. I LOVED this store! I dropped quite a bit of cash there this past weekend and I intend to drop even more next time I go in. I'll be ready and have a list of stuff I want! entries are getting shorter. That sux ass dude...big time.

Only 3 more weeks until I leave for Florida! YAY! I'M GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!! I can't all I need to do is work on my damn tan!

Yo, so TPT all showed me her honeymoon pics today. She is SUCH trash! JB and I were laughing because there were pics of her in her damn lingerie in those pics. Dude, she looked stupid. JB and I were like I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE LEFT THESE PICS IN HERE!! I mean, if there were pics of me like that, I would take them out before I showed them to the world. She was like OMG MY BOOBS ARE SHOWING! I was like, um but you don't HAAAVEEE any boobs to show! Her reaction? OH SOFIA YOU ARE JUST TOO FUNNY HEEHEEHEE! Um, I wasn't kidding, fool....

Well, once again, so song of the day because I am STILL in training and I STILL can't plug into my headphones. *MEH* I'll be sure and update tomorrow before I leave for home sweet home. last thing...I've had a few requests to see my here is a self portrait of it. ENJOY!!

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