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12:19 a.m. - 2003-07-11
Crazy Day
MMM I don't even know where to begin with this entry...

Well I guess I knew it was going to be a jacked up day when I woke up at 8:30AM...when I have to be at work at 8:00! ARGGHHH!! So I had to call in to go into work at 9 instead of 8. Well while I'm in the shower, Robby comes and tells me some guy was shot at Verizon. And I'm like, oh outside or what? He's like NO INSIDE THE BUILDING. Well fuckkk that. I'm like I'M NOT GOING TO WORK...I'M NOT GOING TO WORK!! So this is what employee shot and killed his supervisor in front of the other employees then proceeded to kill himself. OK well you know, that kind of stuff has been happening a lot lately around the country and well, this shit scared me. I guess it doesn't help that I've been having freaky dreams where some guy comes into the building and starts shooting people up. I've been so paranoid, that I even made a plan of escape at work. Yeah, I'm sure ya'll think I'm crazy and for a while I thought I was, too. But after today, I'm glad I have it. And I don't care what people think. Sooo you know, I'm on my way to work thinking OK THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE ALL THIS SECURITY AT WORK AND MY PURSE IS GOING TO BE SEARCHED. Well I get to work...and there is no one there at the door. Hell, even the front door was proped open with a damn orange cone. HELLOO!! WTF SOMEONE WAS JUST SHOT AND KILLED AT THE OTHER BUILDING LAST NIGHT!! So I get to my desk and read an email from a manager that says THE SAFTEY OF OUR EMPLOYEES IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORTY...yeah right. What a crock of shit. So I ask a manager if more security will be provided now. Her answer? NO BECAUSE IT WON'T DO ANY GOOD. OK yes, a person checking to see if we have badges won't help but a fucking metal detector would! But guess what? Verizon is too damn cheap to provide one. WTF is that...our damn CEO's make billions of dollars a year and metal detectors are "not in the budget". It's funny because they just spent a lot of money for a fucking recycling program. I told my boss that I was willing to give back my damn blue recycling trash can in exchange for a metal detector at the building. People laughed at me and said not to worry, that it won't happen. How the fuck do you probably thought it wouldn't happen at all in this shitty ass po-dunk town San Angelo, but it did!! So they say, OH SOFIA THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE COUNSELING MAYBE YOU SHOULD GO. Dude...I don't need to feel better...I want to feel safe...and right now, I'm not feeling it. I'm SO not feeling it. I think my paranoia has just been kicked up to a new level...

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