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11:22 p.m. - 2003-07-13
So I figured that the boys were getting tired of seeing my hottie JT *LOL@ALEX* so I decided to change things up a bit. I think Gwen is hot. What I would give to have a body like hers.....but I would wanna keep my boobs. I mean, even though she doesn't have big boobs she's still super hot!

This weekend was pretty uneventful. My hubby and I went car shopping. We found something we wanted but we got screwed when we got the car we have now. We didn't put anything down when we got the car which has caused us to be upside down. And I'm not talking like only $1000 upside's a big big huge amount so now we'd have to put down at least $3000 to get someting. Talk about being so fucked!! ARGGHHH!!! But that's ok....because come October or November this year we'll be Boss Hoggin in a new ride!

Last night we also went to see 28 days later. The movie was OK. It was kinda freaky and there were a couple of parts when I was scared shitless. But it was something that I could've waited to see when it came out on cable. Robby and I compared it kinda to Resident Evil, the movie. But Resident Evil was wayyy more scarier than 28 days. I actually started watching that movie the other night when I couldn't sleep but I had to turn it off. That movie always seems to freak me out.

I had a dream that we were flying to Florida. It scared me because the pilot was doing all these stupid tricks with the making loops and stuff like that. So needless to say, I woke up terrified! I've gotta talk to PD about this. She might be able to calm me down, being the seasoned traveller that she is!!

Well I'm gonna go watch TV and chill. I'm not even sleepy!! UGH. I'm getting wayyy too old to stay up late.

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