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12:43 a.m. - 2003-07-21
productive day
YES, BN had quite the productive day today. HA. No, not really. I haven't been feeling too well these past couple of days, so I just slept...pretty much all day today. What can I say? I love to sleep!! That's something I forgot to put on my 101 thingey!!

I went shopping again today and got a couple of more things for vacation. Only five more days and I'll be in sunny Florida!! It better not rain or I will be SO pissed off!!

I'm chatting rite now with Trissy!!YAYYY!! She's my old friend from the globe chatting days. Such a cute girl, that Trissy!! If we make it to Cali next year, I'm going to have to look her up so we can drink cases of Corona together!! YAY TRIS!!

Well I'm tired so I'm gonna go finish chatting with Trissy and Alex. He's so much fun to chat with!!

Laterz all!!

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