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10:49 p.m. - 2003-07-21
G'd UP!
YEH so I did this thigney where I can get my Gangsta Name !! So...say hello to....Threepac Killa!! Yeah so I'm all G'd up now!!

So today is LT's bday!! YAY LT! Big shoutoutz and mad props to you on your special day! I hope you are enjoying your day!!

I talked to PD today for a long time!! YAY! I was all illegal beagle today since the boss is out on vacation. PD says my middle name is illegal beagle. Yeah! So...Threepack Illegal Beagle Killer is what they call me! I love it when the boss is out. I never get anything done, though. I care!! I talked to PD about how I wanted to tell my mom about my tattoo. PD said something about how we're already at a certain age and we shouldn't have to hide things from our parents. So...I told her! I was kinda nervous about it, but I did it. I just told her how I felt we were close enough to where I could tell her anything. She was actually pretty cool about it. All she said was for me not to "expose" it to my kids or my dad. HA! I was like MOM IT'S NOT LIKE IT'S SOME HUGE GHETTO CROSS ON MY ARM. So I showed it to her and she was intrigued. I think she likes it but she's not going to admit it!!

Alrite well I think I'm going to turn in early tonight. I went to sleep last night well after 3am and I payed the price for it. I fell asleep at my desk for a while and I don't think anyone saw me. Ah WHATCHA GONNA DO? THIS IS THREEPAC ILLEGAL BEAGLE KILLA YA TALKIN TO...YA HEARD ME?!?!


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