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10:15 p.m. - 2003-07-22
Three days...
...and counting until we leave for Florida. I'm so damn nervous, it's making me sick. It's like, I know everythings gonna be OK but I'm still nervous about the whole thing. I keep looking at the weather and it says isolated thunderstorms for the time that we'll be there. I know it rains in Florida and I'm expecting a little but I will be SO damn mad if it's raining nonstop there.

*Yawnz* I'm so damn tired. I went to bed early last night, but I still didn't fall asleep until after 3am. Hopefully tonight will be better...

I'm watching the new FX series Nip Tuck. And let me tell you, FX sure is getting pretty racy. They are showing a sex scene that belongs on Skinemax! Doggy style all the way dude!! HEEHEE!! Dude, they were even making noises...LMAO!! This show is scandalous!

I am going to go swimsuit shopping tomorrow. Maybe I'll find a nice tankini...hopefully. I also want to get a couple of books at the bookstore. I started reading Cranberry Queen a few weeks ago and it was pretty good. I want to get that and Gene Simmons autobiography. I find a man with a rather large tongue facinating for some strange reason..

Anyhoo, I'm off to bed to watch Nip Tuck. Maybe I need to take something to help me sleep. *Sigh*

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