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10:04 p.m. - 2003-08-12
is it friday yet??
I am SO ready for the weekend, it's not even funny. Work sux my ass right now I can't even stand it. My supervisor is being a bitch from hell and picking her favorites again. And people wonder why I hate TPT so much. She is such a stupid bitch. UGH!!! I hope no one annoys me at work tomorrow because I'm so not in the mood for anyone's shit....

I'm going to be busy this weekend. Well, Saturday anyways. We're going to Jaiden's birthday party. I need to ask JB what she wants for her birthday. Maybe I can find her a cute outfit or something. I'm not too sure if JB wants her to have anymore toys.

Robby went and applied at Home Depot yesterday. WOOT WOOT!! Maybe he can finally get out of the hell known as Sitel...that shitty lame excuse for a company. They have really good benefits and an excellent stock option plan. The good thing about my job is that I don't pay anything for my benefits. OOO OOO..and I get another raise this coming Sunday!! So it does pay to work at bad too many people piss me off!

I can't wait until Starbucks opens. Me and this other girl I work with are going to apply there for a part time job when they are hiring. MMMM...CHAI TEA LATTE HERE I COME!!!

So is anyone else excited about the Freddy Vs Jason movie?? Yeah, I know ya'll are probably laughing but I am a huge horror movie fan. I have the DVD collection of Nightmare on Elm Street! So needless to say, I can't wait!!!

Ew I haven't had a song of the day in forever....but I still can't think of one. Maybe tomorrow I will have a good idea for one...


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