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10:33 p.m. - 2003-08-24
Church and Wrestling
Church was fun today. What can I say? I like my new church. It gives me hope that there are a few nice people left in this messed up world. We met a lot of nice folks. I am really going to enjoy going there. I feel guilty that I'm not goint next weekend, though. *Sigh*

Back to work tomorrow. I prayed today that I would have peace of mind tomorrow and that there would be no drama.

Tomorrorw is PD's birthday!! YAY! Dang, she is getting old!! J/K!! What am I saying? I'm not that far behind her!!

Summerslam was HELLACOOL tonight! My favorite part was when my HBK did sweet chin music on that homo Triple H before he even got out of his chamber! YAY I LOVE MY HBK!! See Alex?? You're not the only one out there that loves wrestling!! YAY!

Well I'm going to bed now. There isn't anything on TV and that totally annoys me. I stayed up late last night watching Phone Booth, Feardotcom and Friday the 13th part 3. HEHE. I still haven't seen the Freddy Vs Jason movie. Maybe sometime soon I will get the chance.

Laters all!!

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