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6:59 a.m. - 2003-08-26
Tazo Chai
So I just woke up. And I only have a few minutes to spare because I need to start getting ready for work!! E!

Anyways, I was having the most unusual dream! I was dreaming that I was in Austin with Robby and some girl I didn't know. We were driving around and I saw a Starbucks and I was like STOP I NEED A TAZO CHAI TEA!! So I went in thinking it would only take a few minutes but it was horrible! They got the size of my drink wrong, they didn't mix it or anything! They gave me the cup and then the milk and the ice and told me to make it myself. E! I was like NO YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT YOU NEED TO DO THIS FOR ME! Wierd wasn't it? I'm so addicted to those things. I will get my fix this weekend and I will stock up on the stuff to make my own! YAY!

I got to talk to PD yesterday, which was nice. I miss her so much. I wish I could go and visit her. We didn't have long to talk, though, since she's a busy law student and all. But it was nice to talk to her!!

I had a crappy day at work yesterday. My boss snapped at me and was rude to me when my cell phone went off. When I told her that she didn't have to talk to me that way she responded by saying WELL AREN'T I ENTITLED TO HAVE A BAD DAY? Sheesh, lady. If you can't deal with normal stress of everyday life and you take it out on your employees, then you have no business whatsoever being a supervisor. And did she even apoligize to me? Of course not. I hate it when people know they are wrong and don't admit it.

So, my prayer for today is for God to grant me serenity and peace. I hope I'm patient today!!!

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